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99 Laundry tips and tricks

We know very few things when it comes to laundry. We have tried here to furnish you with some more tricks of the trade, to help you get the laundry done in a greater and easier way. Here are the 99 tips and tricks in the laundry. We will be discussing it in the form of questions and answers.
Bada Laundry: 99 Laundry Tips and Tricks

Q1 What is the secret of making soft and fluffy towels after washing?

ANS:  Vinegar and baking soda. Add these two ingredients to your load of towels plus half the recommended amount of detergent which you use in your regular routine.

Q2 If you do not have time to press your shirts/slacks, then what to do?

ANS: Simply hang them on the towel hanger of the curtain rod in your bathroom while you take a hot shower. The steam helps release the wrinkles from your garments.

Q3 Darling!  You have accidentally shrunk your favorite Sweater, screamed the wife?

ANS: Husband: No worries – soak it in a solution of hair conditioner and warm water, then gently get it back to its original size.

Q4 Rock salt stains on your slacks/pants?

ANS: Brush the pants/slacks with a soft hairbrush in sweeping motion to remove dried rock salt, mix 1 tablespoon of white vinegar with ¼ part of warm water and sponge on any remaining salt stains. Let them air dry and then launder pants/slacks as usual.

Q5 Road salt (Used to control Snow & ice) can damage leather?

ANS: To preserve your leather shoes, Dip it in a one-on-one solution of water and vinegar and wipe away the salt. You may need to do it several times to get out all of the salt.

Q6 How to make towels, more absorbent and last longer?

ANS: Skip the step of dryer sheets & fabric softener to make your towels last longer and more absorbent.

Q7 How to revive old towels?

ANS:  Vinegar and Baking Soda instead of detergent will revive your old towels.

Q8 How to reduce wrinkles in bed linen?

ANS: Use of Tennis balls in the dryer will decrease wrinkles in your bed linens.

Q9 Looking for DIY bleach alternative?

ANS: Sprinkle washing soda into the washer.

Q10 How to avoid color fading?

ANS: Adding salt to the washer will prevent colors from fading

Q11 How to prevent fading over time?

ANS: Wash colors inside out to prevent fading over time.

Q12 How to Maintain the Shape of Sweaters?

ANS: By laying sweaters flat to dry as opposed to hanging them, can maintain the shape of it

Q13 How to keep bacteria away from the denim jeans?

ANS:  Freeze jeans once a month to kill odor causing bacteria.

Q14 How to do fast ironing?

ANS: Keep aluminum foil under your ironing board,. The cover can help reduce the ironing time to half.

Q15 How to remove oil and odor from Workout clothes?

ANS: Squeeze a large lemon in with those workout clothes! It has a property that removes oil trapped in fabrics and leaves clean fresh clothes.

Q16 How to store leather shoes?

ANS: Wintertime can be harsh on your favorite leather shoes. Applying oil with sponge in a circular motion throughout the leather shoe can keep them in a good condition throughout those winter seasons.

Q17 What is a natural fabric softener?

ANS: Add 1/2 cup of white distilled vinegar to rinse cycle is a natural fabric softener.

Q18 How to sanitize and remove odor?

ANS: Run your machine in hot water with vinegar and baking soda to sanitize and remove odors.

Q19 Swimsuit stretched out?

ANS: Avoid the urge to wring out all of the water. Keep the swimsuit between two layers of towel and roll to remove excess water.

Q20 How to clean collars?

ANS: A little dish soap, a toothbrush, and some hot water does wonders for a ring around the collar.

Q 21 How to get blood stains out?

ANS: Use hydrogen peroxide and rinse well.

Q 22 What to do if your sweater shrinks?

ANS: Soak it in lukewarm water & baby shampoo, it works on the fabric material to relax the fibers while gently stretching.

Q 23 How to help with dark clothes from fading?

ANS: Wash dark clothes and jeans inside out and air dries them to keep them from fading.

Q 24 Need to clean washer regularly to avoid corona?

ANS: Clean and sanitize your washer at least once per month.

Q 25 How to pack clothes while Traveling?

ANS: You can save drawer space by rolling clothes instead of a traditional fold.

Q 26 How to save drying time of clothes?

ANS: Save energy and time by throwing a dry towel into the dryer with your wet laundry.

Q 27 How to remove armpit stains?

ANS: Remove stubborn armpit stains with lemon juice and baking soda.

Q 28 What should be the water temperature in washer?

ANS: Use hot water for white loads, warm water for the average load, and cold water for bright colors.

Q 29 How often should the jeans be washed?

ANS: Jeans can be washed every 3-5 wears to preserve their original size and integrity.

Q 30 How much detergent should be used in washing towels?

ANS: Too much detergent will leave towels stiff, use half the recommended amount to keep them fluffy.

Q 31 How to wash socks?

ANS: Wash your socks in lingerie bags to ensure they’ll never lose their match.

Q 32 How to eliminate grease stains?

ANS: Use chalk to eliminate grease or oily stains.

Q 33 How to keep the colors of clothes look fresh?

ANS: Add Borax to every wash to keep your whites, bright and your colors, colorful.

Q 34 Temperature required for standard detergents?

ANS: Standard detergents work best in warm/hot water so make sure to use cold water formulated detergent for your cold water loads.

Q 35 How do you sanitize garments?

ANS: The best way to sanitize any garment is in really hot water with bleach.

Q 36 How to avoid static cling?

ANS: Over-drying clothes is the leading culprit of static cling. Set your dryer to the recommended dry time.

Q 37 When should be the dryer vent or drain cleaned?

ANS: Regular cleaning of dryer vents does not prevent fires, but also reduces drying time.

Q 38 Can towels be dried with other clothes?

ANS: Always dry towels and bulky items separate from your light weight items.

Q 39 How to brighten clothes without using bleach?

ANS: Not a fan of bleach? white clothes can be whitened by adding 1 cup of white vinegar and oxygen booster lemon juice to the wash. Air-dry your clothes in the sun. You will  have bright whites with a fresh, clean scent.

Q 40 How frequently the dryer’s lint filter be cleaned? 

ANS: Make sure to clean off your dryer’s lint filter between every load.

Q 41 How much to load the dryer with garments?

ANS: Don’t over fill your dryer as this causes wrinkling and/or extended dry time. Most dryer’s max capacity is about 2/3 of the drum.

Q 42 Should clothes be removed immediately from the dryer?

ANS: Prevent clothes from getting wrinkled by immediately removing them from the dryer when done.

Q 43 Is it fine to wash white and colored clothes together?

ANS: Sort your clothes with color and fabric; like items should always be washed/dried with like items.

Q 44 When it is mentioned dry cleaning can it be hand washed?

ANS: Dry Clean recommended clothes can be wet washed or dry cleaned.

Q 45 Can excessive use of Chlorine damage the fabric?

ANS: Chlorine-based bleaching is more aggressive than non-chlorine bleach and can sometimes destroy fabrics. Always try the least aggressive first.

Q 46 How to dry the pants?

ANS:  Hang pants by the cuff to allow better airflow and to keep them wrinkle-free.

Q 47 How to avoid dirt on clothes when drying?

ANS: Occasionally use a fan to circulate air through your closet; it will keep your clothes from becoming dusty.

Q 48 Should one wear new clothes directly?

ANS: Wash new clothes before wearing them to remove the pre-treated anti mold/antibacterial chemicals that were added during manufacturing.

Q 49 How to remove blood stains easily?

ANS: Cold water and hand soap wash out blood stains.

Q 50 How to remove acrylic paint stains?

ANS: Get rid of acrylic paint stains by rubbing some alcohol.

Q 51 How to keep your clothes Bright?

ANS: Add a tablespoon of ground pepper to your wash to help keep your clothing bright.

Q 52 How to Naturally whiten your clothes?

ANS: By using lemon juice and sunshine you can help them to be clean and smell fresh.

Q 53 How to keep your black clothes dark?

ANS:  To keep your black clothes dark, add 2 cups of brewed coffee or tea to your rinse cycle.

Q 54 How to disinfect a washing machine?

ANS:  Add 1/2 cups of mouthwash to your washer and run it through a cycle. It will help disinfect your machine.

Q 55 How to remove grass stains?

ANS:  Pesky grass stain? Try removing it with vinegar.

Q 56 How to wash swimsuits?

ANS: Swimsuits should be rinsed in tap water, by hand, to remove the chemicals without damaging the spandex.

Q 57 How to iron easier?

ANS: To make ironing easier, start with a damp garment.

Q 58 How to remove makeup stains?

ANS: If you find that you’ve gotten a makeup stain on your clothing, try removing it with some shaving cream.

Q 59 How to dry Swimsuits?

ANS: Don't dry swimwear in a dryer because of the high heat damages the spandex.

Q 60 How to remove lotion stains?

ANS: If you see any oil or lotion stains on your swimwear, remove with baking soda or vinegar. Apply it directly to the stain and allow it to soak for some time then do normal wash wash by hand.

 Q 61 Should Swimsuits be Wringed?

ANS: Do not wring out a swimsuit as the material can stretch.

Q 62 How to remove mud stains?

ANS: Let any mud dry thoroughly before attempting to remove it from garments.

Q63 How to remove red wine stains?

ANS: Try combating it with white wine.

Q 64 How to remove dirt on garments?

ANS: Blot dirt-covered garments with rubbing alcohol and a sponge.

Q 65 Why to use white vinegar?

ANS:  Distilled white vinegar is a softener, wrinkle releaser, and odor reducer that should be used in every wash load.

Q 66 How to sort laundry?

ANS: To sort laundry correctly for optimal washing first make piles of color (lights, whites, brights, darks) then sort them by fabric. (synthetics, cotton, linen, other natural fibers).

Q 67 What garments should always be air dried?

ANS: Certain fabrics should ALWAYS be air-dried. which include things like synthetics, like polyester and Lycra as well as loose knit garments and wool. Bathing suits, bras and pantyhose are all examples.

Q 68 Do you love a laundry scent on your clean garments?

ANS: Gaining Flings voted number one for fresh laundry smell. Looking for a light, hypoallergenic scent? Try Persil (it is a french word for herbs)Sensitive Skin for a great smell that’s gentle on your skin.

Q 69 How to sanitize garments at home?

ANS: The best way to sanitize garments at home is with hot water, steam and chlorine based bleach.

Q 70 How to wash damp towels left in the washer for long?

ANS: No problem! Wash these clothes with hot water cycle without detergent, only adding distilled vinegar plus baking soda. Repeat until the mildew has been completely removed before drying.

Q 71 How to avoid stains from remaining on garments?

ANS: The best defense for any stain is to treat it as soon as possible. Keep a stain remover on your bag,  purse or vehicle for those “Oh-no!” moments.

Q 72 How to keep garments smelling fresh?

ANS: Take old dryer sheets and place them in your drawers to help keep clothes smelling fresh.

Q 73 How to remove gum stains?

ANS: Remove gum from your clothes by freezing it in your freezer.

Q 74 How to remove grease stains?

ANS: Got grease stains? Just rubbing some chalk over it before washing  grease will get absorbed in the wash.

Q 75 How to remove ink stains?

ANS: Rub hairspray or hand sanitizer to get rid of the worst ink stains.

Q 76 How to remove clean lint screen?

ANS: Regularly clean the lint screen slot in your dryer, using a long nozzle tip on the vacuum cleaners to clean the lint screen.

Q 77 How to keep lined dried clothes lined up to keep them from getting stiff?

ANS: Line drying clothes also saves energy and money! Dry clothes should be kept in the dryer before hanging them to dry.

Q 78 How to loosen the stuck zipper?

ANS: To loosen the stuck zipper, rub the bar of soap over the teeth.

Q 79 How to remove stains of red wine?

ANS: Cover the stain with a handful of salt which absorbs the color, turning it salt pink. Soaking the garment with enzyme detergent in cold water and allowing it to soak overnight. 

Q 80 How to remove stains of chocolate?

ANS: If the stained is of milk chocolate, use a few drops of ammonia. If the stain was dark chocolate, use two tablespoons white vinegar (for colors) or hydrogen peroxide (for whites).

Q 81 How to remove glue stains?

ANS: Water-based glue (like white school glue) simply need some dish washing liquid and water. Permanent glues, such as epoxy or super glue, require acetone, followed by a thorough rinse and wash.

Q 82 How to remove Crayon stains?

ANS: This will require acetone followed by a thorough rinse and wash. Spray with a lubricant and allow it to sit for five minutes. Turn it over and spray it again and again, let's sit for five minutes. Rinse items well.

Q 83 How to wash stains of fruit Juice?

ANS:  Soak clothes in cold water for 30 minutes. Use a drop of enzyme detergent with warm water to soak it further. Rinse with cool water and apply a solution of 1-part white vinegar and 2 parts water and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Apply stain treatment and wash in enzyme detergent.

Q 84 How to remove tomatoes Ketchup stains?

ANS: If possible, rinse under cold running water right away. Soak garments in warm water and dab the spot with a sponge that has been coated with dish washing soap. Stubborn stains can be treated with methylated spirits. After applying a stain treatment, allow it to remain and wait for 15 minutes. Use of diluted white vinegar to remove any remaining color gives good results.

Q 85 How to remove yellow stains?

ANS: Bleach will remove any stains from white clothing. Bleach can be applied directly to the stains, allowing 15 minutes to remain 15 minutes before washing or you can apply bleach to your washing machine while washing. Use this treatment only for white clothing. Bleach will remove the color from clothing;

Q 86 How to remove butter stains?

ANS: Blot off excess melted butter or scrape off excess dried butter with a dull knife or spoon. Pre-treat clothing with a stain remover, such as Shout Liquid Laundry Stain Remover. Blot the stained area and launder as usual. Add liquid detergent through the back of the stain and blot with a clean absorbent pad. Let's sit for a few minutes. Launder again.

Q 87 How to clean Baby food stains?

ANS: To remove baby food stains, keep the clothing in cold water, then soak the stain for at least 15 minutes in water and rub alcohol, which is safe for most fabrics when diluted.

Q 88 How to get white clothes white?

ANS: Bleaching powder, baking soda and lemon juice are used to make the white clothes look bright and fresh.

Q 89 How to remove lipstick stains?

ANS: For any lipstick smudged on your clothes, saturate the area with hairspray, wait for 15 minutes and then tab with a wet cloth and normal wash.

Q 90 How to clean nasty coffee stains?

ANS:  To remove the nasty coffee stain, mix the yolk with a few drops of alcohol and warm water. Apply the mixture to the stain with a piece of clothes or a sponge. Let it remain for 5 minutes and rinse.

Q 91 How to remove blood stains?

ANS: Empty entire cans of Coca-Cola into your laundry cycle (along with regular detergent) and wash it.

Q 92 How to remove dirt from clothes?

ANS: This is a hack just for suede. Rub the bread gently on any excess filth and then a normal wash.

Q 93 How to remove grease stains?

ANS: Pour baby powder and press it firmly onto the stain, and leave overnight.

Q 94 How to clean spilled makeup foundation on clothes?

ANS: For a foundation spill or smudge, apply shaving cream to the spot and wash.

Q 95 How to remove sweat and yellow stains?

ANS: Make a solution of 2 parts white vinegar, 1 part water. Soak the stain for a couple of hours and wash OR Make a paste of baking soda and warm water, and using a toothbrush, firmly apply the paste to the area (give it a little scrub!). Let's sit for about an hour and rinse.

Q 96 How to remove red wine stains?

ANS: For red wine stains, sprinkle a bit of salt on the stain and let it sit for about five minutes. Rinse with cold water while rubbing the stain. Repeat as needed, then wash.

Q 97 How to remove acrylic paint spots?

ANS: Try Nail polish remover on the stain, Apply Turpentine on the stain; if it is an old stain, apply turpentine and ammonia.

Q 98 How to remove Alcoholic beverage stains?

ANS: Soak the stain with a solution of 1 tsp dish-washing detergent in warm water. Blot and then rinse. If this does not Remove the stain and soak the stain in a solution of 1 tablespoon of ammonia in 1/2 cup of water. Do not iron the area till the stain is gone or it may set permanently.

Q 99 How to remove Stains of caramel?

ANS: After scraping the excess caramel fully, Soak the area in a solution of 1/2 tsp of detergent, 1 tsp of vinegar, and warm water.

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