List of All detergent powder washing powder names in India

List of all the detergent washing powder names in India

List of All detergent powder washing powder names in India


The detergents used in India are different then the detergents used in the European countries, because of the climate conditions and the natural behavior of the people. The eating habits of the Indian people, their way of washing the clothes, the quality of water used to wash the clothes, the temperature of water used are all different.

India is largely populated with many entrepreneurs in their areas. Those who produce laundry detergents locally, but are not branded properly, whatever may be the reasons. Below is a list of branded washing powders with their tagline used in branding the product.  


It is believed to be the oldest detergent powder washing powder in India. I still remember in those days there was no tetra packing. It used to come in a paper cartoon as shown below.

Later it changed its ingredients by adding fragrance by essential oils and the packaging became a little floral. Then the changes made to attach tough odors, Surf sparkling ocean. 

Taglines for SURF

1. Lalitaji “Surf ki kharidari mein hi Samajdari hai!”

2. "Daag acche hai, Surf Excel hai na!"

There advertisement says let children play and get dirt on their clothes we will take of their stains on clothes. Then they made advancements in the detergent and came with surf excel.     

This washing powder was very famous for many years and ruled the Indian market in the initial days. 


Nirma washing powder is a brand that came little after "surf". This brand is also very popular and branding was done in a very attractive manner. The dancing girl made a mark for Nirma.

Founded in 1969 by Karsanbhai Patel.

Jingal says: Washing Powder Nirma, Washing Powder Nirma.

                   Dudhsi Safedi Nirmase Aai...Rangin.. kapde bhi dil khil jaye.

                   Sabki Pasand Nirma, Washing Powder Nirma..Nirma. 

 Jingle: Hema, Rekha,Jaya aur Shushma.. Sabki pasand Nirma...washing powder nirma....Nirma. 


If I am not mistaken, Fena is another brand that has emerged in the laundry detergent washing powder sector. But compared to the first two brands, this was in the light for a little less time. 

Those were the days when cricket was played internationally and one day cricket was gaining popularity.

Tagline : "KARO Champions Waali Dhulai"

             :" Karo Jamke Dhulai"

             : "“Fena Hi Lena”


This detergent was also very popular, both in the washing powder and detergent bar. 

The greenish yellowish lemon slice indicates the cleaning benefits of the detergent and the wheel indicates the speed with which the clothes are washed clean and flower depicts the presence of fragrance in the detergent. It was launched in 1984 to counter Nirma.

Tagline: Nimboo ki shakti aur haroo phoolon ki khusboo, Mehengi wali dhulai budget me samai.


Ghadi detergent did it’s mark but in a different class of consumers. Even super star Amitabh Bacchan has promoted this product on television advertisement. 

Advertisement: 1.Maha Shaktishali Ghadi detergent se sare mail dhoo dalo.

2. Ghadi ke Shakti jaisa kahina milega aisa!

3. Desh ka No.1 kar raha hai Aatma nirbhar bharat ka nirman!

Jingle: Pahele itsamal kare phir vishwas kare!


Rin washing powder also made it’s mark in the market. Being only three letter word, it is very easy to remember.

Rin detergent bar was launched in 1969, but the detergent powder was launched in 1994. 

Advertisement: Double safedi Bijli giri.

Tagline: 1. Dugni safedi, dugni chamak. Chamakte Rahene.

2. “Jabardast Chamak ka wada pani lage aadha”

3. “Sari dhuniya dekhegi jab chamak dikhegi”

4. “Bollywood me role mile na mile safedika sabut jaroor milega”

5. “Rin se mile ek jhatke me jabardast chamak”


Ariel is also a popular brand, they also do advertisements on the television and media regularly. . Introduced in 1991, it brought compact technology to the Indian market. Product range: Ariel OxyBlue, Ariel OxyBlue Ultramatic, Ariel Front O Mat, Ariel 2in1. 

Advertisement: Superior stain removal with built-in power of Bar+Brush+Blue. Deeper clean for better freshness.


It has grasped the pulse of the Indian market and has become an all-time favorite of the Indian public. TIDE has a very good presence in the Indian market. They have very good coverage of this product. 

This picture shows that even the washed cloth can be washed again to look brighter. This image is a very popular image that gives recall value for the product. 


"Brighter whites with less effort" 

"Tide's in the dirt's out"


This detergent is marketed by Hindi film star “Maduri Dixit” on television media. It has also made its mark in the detergent industry. 

Advertisement: 1. "For Less Lint and Younger Clothes" 2. "Love your Clothes"

3. "Stain Champion". 

It is a product of Jyothy Laboratories. Henko Stain Care with Oxygen power is made with superior technology which makes the powder superfine so that it dissolves instantly and removes toughest of stains.  

Other detergents available in the Indian Markets are






There are many more local unbranded detergent powder washing powders in the local Indian market, but knowing this is also adding to the list of detergents.