Marketing Strategy for Small Business ! Washing Machine Dealers

Marketing Strategy for Small Business ! Washing Machine Dealers

Washing Machine Dealers - Marketing Gold Mine strategy 

Marketing strategy for small businesses right from Brand Building to customer acquisition and retaining customers with your business for a long time have been discussed and explained with the proper examples. The details covered below are tried and tested methods of current marketing requirements. 

Basic Requirements for marketing small businesses

   1.  Website

Website must be in-scripted with at least 100 key words (Laundry, Washing Machine, Laundry Equipment, Selection of washer, selection of dryer..Etc.). Keywords selected should be of high volume and low completion, which helps in ranking the website on the first pages of that particular keyword. Ranking the web site on early pages means that there will be more organic searches through the google.

It should also carry different website menus like…

Marketing Strategy for Commercial Washing Machine Dealers


Likewise, purpose of the web site should be clearly described. Directors vision to help the laundry sector with all the available solutions under one roof.

Washer Extractors

All the technical know how’s with the appropriate images. All types and sizes to be covered with additional information on the capacities of machines required to wash laundry load per day, say 8 hrs working.


All capacities to be covered with technical details and the capacity of dryer required for weight of load to dry in a day.

Ironing Equipment

On the whole this includes ironing tables with inbuilt vacuum and steam generators and utility presses of different sizes and capacities. A little more explanation on it’s commercial  washing machine and allied equipment for industrial laundry. Laundry Handling Equipment.

Tunnel Washer

Functions, applications, design and technicalities.

Innovative Equipment

We also deal in special laundry equipment which we have collaborated with the other manufacturers with the service contract from our end.

     1.    Bead washers

     2.    Magnetic washer techniques

     3.    Digital smell technology incorporated in washers.

     4.    Ozone Washers

     5.    Orbit Spherical Washing Machines

     6.    Ultrasonic dryers


Laundry Accessories

Many people inquire about small accessories required in the laundry process like

1 Permanent marker (can be used as label) for the clothes.

2 Tagging Machines

3 RFID Labels

4 Trollies

5 Stands

6 Baskets

7 Racks

8 Portable ironer

9 Steam Irons etc.



Different types of logos and how to use them.

Marketing Strategy for Commercial Washing Machine Dealers

1.   Monogram logos (Letter Mark)

This type of logo consists of letters of brand names like IBM, HP, NASA, CNN, ONGC... This are the initial letters of the lengthy names. These names are used as brand identification of the company with long names.

Marketing Strategy for Commercial Washing Machine Dealers

      2.   Word Marks (Fond Type)

This is fond identification of company names having distinct names like Coca Cola, Google etc. With the strong typography it becomes catchy and creates brand recognition as it is easily memorized. It is applied when the companies have distinct names. New businesses with this type of logo can get fast recognition in the market.

Marketing Strategy for Commercial Washing Machine Dealers
3.   Pictorial Marks (Logo Symbols)

It is also called a brand mark or logo mark, it is a graphic based logo. It is the image that comes to our mind when we think of the product. When we think of mobiles an apple comes to mind, when we think of social media twitter bird comes to mind. When selecting a pictorial logo, the entire company should stick to the mind.

It is generally used for established brands.

Marketing Strategy for Commercial Washing Machine Dealers

4.   Abstract Logo

Nike’s right tick mark (Swoosh), Pepsi's divided Circle, Adidas flower are examples of abstract logos. It is a unique representation of your brand. It condenses brands into a single image.

Marketing Strategy for Commercial Washing Machine Dealers

5.    Mascots

It has an illustrated character that represents your company. KFC, Mac’D joker, Child pic on Parle, an Amul Butter, etc. It appeals to children and families. It increases customer interaction and can be a great tool for internet marketing.

Marketing Strategy for Commercial Washing Machine Dealers
6.   Combination Mark

It is a combination of letter marks and pictorial marks like Burger King and Pizza Hut.. In this form both the text and icon are working together to enforce your business. It is a versatile and most popular choice of logo.

Marketing Strategy for Commercial Washing Machine Dealers

7.   Emblem Logo

Fond inside a symbol. These logos have a traditional appearance. Hardly Davidson, Starbucks Coffee..  It gives a traditional look. The food and beverage industry, schools and college logos where trust and tradition has to be emphasized.

Pictorial look of some of the branded logo samples. 


However there are several platforms where the products can be uploaded to increase the market presence, for example..

INDIA MART / TRADE INDIA / ALIBABA / JIM TRADE / TRADEFORD GO4WORLD BUSINESS / WEBDEAL INDIA / POWER2SME.COM / INDUSTRY BUYING . COM / BIZONGO.IN / TOLEXO.COM / JUSTBYLIVE.COM / AMAZON SELLER / THOMASNET / GLOBAL SOURCES / TRADE KEY / INFODRIVE INDIA.COM / INDIANINDUSTRY.COM / MILMILA.COM / YELLOW PAGES-10 NOS. / MOUTHSHUT.COM / (Second hand Machines) / / / Udyam Registration(Udyog adhar) Nuclear power corporation / HLL infratechservices ltd Govt.of india-All hospitals / / CAC portal(Nigeria) / / / / / / / / /


Facebook/ Instagram/ YouTube/ WhatsApp/ Messenger/ Twitter/ Quora/ LinkedIn/ Snapchat/ Pinterest/ Telegram/ Medium/Mass Mailing.

Instead of working on all these platforms we should select two or three platforms and concentrate on it.

Generating leads without ads for Marketing Small Business

 1.    Answering the questions on Quora and dropping the website link.

      2.    Create free pages on the Google site and promote the company website.

      3.    Mass mailing to the leads on hand by creating awareness of company business             activities.

      4.    Writing articles like how to start a laundry business, where to find financial assistance for start-ups, helping them in starting their business by answering their online queries and promoting company brand.

      5.    Create a story of how this company started. It's journey into the laundry business as a pioneer and sharing it on social media to build the engagement of the reader and build trust.

     6.    Gathering reviews from the readers and asking for their ideas to improve our equipment and service.  

Facebook and LinkedIn Ads

While running advertisements on any platform there are lots of criteria to be considered to get the targeted audience and not to gather unnecessary unwanted leads.

      1.    Location:

We have to select the territory where the advertisement will be shown.

      2 .    Select the crowd:

Proper selection of the audience to whom this advertisement is to be shown. Whether we have to target the resident, immigrants, visitors etc.

      3.    Age Criteria:

Select the proper age group to whom our advertisement is shown. If we are concentrating on the start-up, then the age group will be between 25 and 35 age groups.

If we are targeting to sell equipment to laundry owners then we have to target the age group from 35yrs and above and members of laundry groups on Facebook who are working in the laundry industry.

     4.    Traveling Habits:

Frequent traveler by flight.

     5.    Online Habits:

Frequently ordering branded clothes online and maintaining luxury four-wheelers like BMW/Mercedes.

     6.    Business Ethics:

Owner of multiple businesses

     7.    Investments:

Regular investor through a Demat account.

Google Ads

Whenever running a Google advertisement to promote any of the products, you need to offer a special discount for booking the machine within a particular time. Just running an advertisement may not generate leads. Special attractive offers and a call to action have to be there to  convert the visitors into valuable leads.

Brand positioning comes after segmentation and targeting.

5 Brand Positioning Strategies

Quality Positioning---Tropicana juice-100% real fruit juice—(Quality of our product..)

Price Positioning----Premium and value positioning. (Our product beats the market WRT price)

Benefit Positioning—30 minutes delivery..says Domino's (Additional benefits of the brand)

Solution (Problem Solving) Positioning—(Prompt Service provider).

Subjective Positioning (Competitor's position-Gillette says the best man can get.(Your position with respect to the Client).

Strategic design positioning (Strategically design positioning statement)

Identify the target audience. Communicate the value that the brand aims to create. (Unique Selling Point). Understanding the audience.  

Tag Lines of some brands

I believe that the tag line should be simple to understand. (To reach the Masses to understand and remember)

Nike ---Just do it

Apple—Think different

Philips ---Innovation and You

Raymond---A Complete man  

Consistent efforts of promotion are very important.

Dominate One Segment: Product Segmentation / Area Segmentation.

Advertisement Categories

Direct mail

News Adds

Television commercials


Digital Marketing

Inbound and Out bond

Inbound Marketing

Bringing the customers to the company

Example: PPC and SEM

Outbound Marketing

Focuses on finding Customers

Eg. Cold calling / Advertisement in the mail  

Digital Marketing

Eg Mobile Marketing—Discounts and text promotion codes


Content Creation

Create google business page

Email Marketing –Mailchimp

Search Engine Land

Marketing Strategy for Commercial Washing Machine Dealers

Here is the list of entire marketing strategies.

     1.      Viral Marketing

     2.      Public Relation—

     3.      Unconventional—Stunts

     4.       S.E.M.- Social and Display ads, 

     5.       Offline ads

     6.       S.E.O.—Optimizing the website, Organic Traffic

     7.      Content Marketing—Giving Knowledge to the customers    

     8.      E-Mail Marketing

     9.      Engineering as Marketing Software as a tool for marketing (Loan Calculator)   

     10.  Targeting Blog

     11.    Business Development - Mouth to mouth

     12.    Sales-Added value for small price Mac’D

     13.      Affiliate Marketing

     14.     Existing Platforms - Amazon/Trade India

     15.     Trade Shows

     16.     Offline Events

     17.      Speaking Engagement-Reviews 

     18.       Community Building - Like Meesho does.

Note: We are trying here to create the exact persona of the buyer to generate the exact lead as required. Generating 5 solid leads per day is always better than generating 50 non-targeted leads per day.

This is what may be sufficient to start with. Other promotional activities like event promotion, participating in trade shows, approaching the other product manufacturer for join advertisement for mutual benefits and automatic promotion of the product once the brand is established.