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What is the Laundry Process and How should I do My Laundry?

Laundry Process


What is the Laundry Process and How should I do My Laundry?  

However, laundry is time consuming and the most frustrating job to do and surprisingly it has to be done on a regular basis. Laundry is a tricky job to do one should know what is the laundry process and how to do it. A small mistake and the entire laundry load gets spoiled. As a regular practice, before doing laundry we soak our clothes and then wash them and dry them in our laundry machines at home. 

The question remains, how long does it take to soak the clothes before laundry? How long should it be washed? and what should be the drying time? We just drop our clothes in the washing machine and turn it on. We do not keep track of the time at each process as it is carried out.


Doing Laundry is an art and at the same time it is a science. Laundry requires a certain percentage of skill in an individual doing laundry, hence it is an art. The use of a combination of water, chemicals, machines and modern techniques smartly requires a certain scientific touch. 

Laundry Process: Right from receiving the garments: Sorting, Repairing, Pre-treating (Spotting), Washing, Rinsing. Drying, Ironing, Folding and Packing is the entire laundry process.

The most important elements in the successful laundry wash process are

1. The mechanical action of the machine.

2. Chemical action of the detergents.

3. Water Quality available

4. Temperature of water in Washers and Steam in dryers and

5. Time spent in washing and drying the garments.

As a standard procedure before soaking the clothes we have to identify the fabric, we have to check bleeding of any garment for any color, otherwise all the garments soaked will turn in the same color of the cloth which bleeds. For that we have to carry out a bleed test on the piece of cloth which we feel may bleed and should be soaked and washed separately.

Soak the garments in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes, which is supposed to be good practice for washing clothes regularly at home. Powdered detergents respond well in warm water. Washing chemicals dissolves quickly in warm water and removes soil faster.

There are different tips and tricks to remove different stains on the garments. First the detergent is dissolved in the water and the clothes are soaked. The washing cycle should generally be of 45 including washing and rising.

Fabric: It is very important to have a knowledge of fabric for doing a successful laundry. There are various kinds of fabrics used in different industries like hotels, hospitals, catering, corporate, industrial etc. Cotton fabric is used in bed sheets, towels, pillow covers, duvet covers etc. Blended fabrics are like a mix of synthetic and natural fabric or a mix of two or more synthetic fibers. Fabrics can be classified as Silk, Cotton, terry cotton, wool, linen, nylon etc.

If the laundryman has a good knowledge of this fabrics can treat the stains on any of these fabrics in a very professional manner using proper applicable chemicals.


Use of soft water enables detergent to get dissolved very fast, less formation of suds and increasing machine life. If the residue of the detergent remains in the water, there is a possibility that it may get deposited on the cloth, which may give an itching sensation to the user. This is eliminated by using soft water.

Now-a-days, there are water softeners available which are fitted in the water inlet pipe line. The water softener candle is easily changeable. Installation and repair is also very easily done.   


Laundry Steps like Soaking, Washing, Drying and Ironing handled Systematically can result in a good laundry and also it will enhance the life of the clothes.   

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