Front Load VS Top Load Washing Machines! Comparison

Front Load VS Top Load Washing Machines! Comparison

Front Load Vs Top Load Washing Machines and Cloth Fabric

Front load vs top load washing machines comparison started because of the changing technologies with respect to the change in the fiber of the fabric manufactured.

The different types of fabrics available today are Cotton, Terri cotton, Synthetic, Silk, Wool, Lenin, Polyester, Nylon, Rayon and so on and so forth. The design of the washers needed to be modified according to the clothes to be washed in the washing machine. Different clothes needed different soaking time, different water temperatures, different cycle time, different quality of detergent and also the different method or strategy of drying. 

Traditional and Modern Washing Machine in Brief

If you look into the functionality of the old washing machines, we found that there were minimum settings on the switch to operate the washers. For example, hot water temperature setting, cycle time in minutes similarly in the spin dryer.

But today, we have loads of washing machines with different settings, not to set the temperature manually but the machine adjusts the temperature according to the fabric of the garment loaded. All the machines have inbuilt sensors to sense the temperature of water and adjust according to the clothes. The water level and detergent required is automatically adjusted as per pre-program.

We just need to instruct the machine that a particular type of textile is loaded and it does its job. And we get the clothes washed and dried in less than one hour of time. 

Top Loaded Washing Machine

In the top loaded washing machines the clothes are fed to the machine from the top vertically. As the drum (Perforated Cylinder in which clothes are washed) is fitted vertically.

Advantages of Top Load Washing Machines

1   Require less operating and handling space

Wherever there is a space constrain  top loaded washer is the ideal pick. Due to its vertical design it fits in a minimum possible available space. As the drum in the machine is fitted vertically, this machine has a vertical design. can be accommodated in the small space.  

2    Good Ergonomic-User Friendly. 

Top loading washing machines are easy to operate as the door is fitted on the top uppermost face. It is convenient to load and unload clothes inside the machine from the top and the person does not need to bend to load or unload the machine.  

It can be conveniently operated by elderly and the people facing back pain and knee pain.  

3   Easy to Top-up Clothes in Mid-Cycle

Tossing up the handkerchief of a pair of socks is possible in top loading washing machines as one can open the door in the middle of the washing cycle and top-up the clothes that are forgotten to wash.   

4   Easy Cleaning of Machine

The remainder of excessive detergent or the growing of mildew on the drum or gaskets due to the left out moisture after wash cycle in side the machine can stink. The front loaded washer can be easily cleaned as the water is drained out due to gravity so also the moisture gets easily evaporated out of unsealed top door.    

5  Low Costs

The top load washer is less expensive compare to front load washer of the same capacity. Because in the top loaded washer the agitator or the impeller moves at the center of the drum of washing machine, whereas in the front loaded there is no agitator or impeller here the entire drum rotates, indulging requirement of more hardware like bearing housing, high capacity motor, drive belt and so on.   

Disadvantages of Top Load Washing Machines

1 Limitation of Spin Speed

The drum on top loading washing machine spins along the vertical axis. The machine tends to wobble in the horizontal direction. You must have seen that the machine moves horizontally when the clothes are in the dryer. Due to this, the top loaded washing machine cannot achieve high RPM (Rotations per Minute). 

The clothes coming out of dryer in top loaded machines are more moist than the front loaded washing machine as all the moisture from the clothes cannot be extracted at lower speed. 

2. Unpleasant for Clothes

In the top loaded washing machines agitator or impeller rotates inside the drum. There are chances that the clothes get entangled in agitator type on machine. And in the impeller type of machine the impeller rotates and spins the water to swirl which in turn rotates the clothes in washer. Agitator may some time scrub on their clothes. This machine is a little harsh on clothes, reducing the life span and quality of clothes washed.  

3  More Water and Energy Consumption 

The spin seep achieved is lower compared to the front loading washing machines. More time is required to wash and dry the clothes.      

Advantages of Front Load Washing Machines

1  Less Washing and Drying Time

Due to high spin speed, the time required to wash and dry clothes is less than 50% time required in the top load washing machine.  

Water is filled vertically to a certain level in top loaded washing machine. Hence more water is consumed for washing cycle and more drying time consumes more electricity. 


2  Good Quality of  Washed Clothes

Front loading washing machines do not have impeller or agitator instead the drum rotates and the clothes are washed in the rotation by knocking clothes against each other. The clothes are washed gently by maintaining good shine and longer cloth life. 

3  Good Cleaning Performance

Due to the tumbling action in the front loaded washing machines, harsh stains can be easily removed. Front loading is always out performs top loading in stain removal test.  

Washing motion in the front loader is more effective. Use of the best detergents at ideal water temperature front loader gives cleanest result compared to top loader machines because the tumbling action puts gravity to work achieving higher G factor. cleaning is the combination of chemical, mechanical action and water temperature plus time.  

4  Sturdy Equipment

In spite of high spin from loader washers are sturdy as the drum rotates along the horizontal axis, the vibrations are produced in a vertical direction which is absorbed by the shock absorbers fitted at the bottom of the machine.

5  Higher Capacity Machines

Unlike top loader washing machines which comes in small and medium sizes, front loaded washing machines is manufactured up to 200 kg per hour, capacity used for commercial and Industrial purpose.

Disadvantages of Front Load Washing Machines

1  Expensive Washing Machine 

Front load washing needs more and heavy gadgets to manufacture these machines like high quality bearing with good bearing housing, as the drum shaft is mounted in it,  higher capacity of motor to achieve higher G factor and higher RPM, rollers to support the drum for rotation etc. 

2  Top-ups in Mid-Cycle is not Possible

Tossing up the handkerchief of a pair of socks is possible in front loading washing machines is not possible. As one cannot  open the door in mid of the washing cycle. The door gets locked to avoid water leakage.  

3  Tedious Cleaning of Washer

The remainder of excessive detergent or the growth of mildew in the drum or gaskets due to the left out moisture after washing cycle inside the machine can stink. The front loaded washer can be easily cleaned as the water is drained out due to gravity so also the moisture gets easily evaporated out of unsealed top door. 

The remains of detergent, softeners and  water droplets needed to be cleaned regularly to avoid stinking of the machine. Which is a tedious job compare to top loaded washing machine.   

Some of the Popular Brands of Washing Machines 

Domestic Washing Machines

Lg washing machine front load, Samsung washing machine, Videocon washing machine, Gem washing machine, Iconic washing machine, Haier washing machine, Lloyd washing machine, Whirlpool washing machine, Bosch washing machine, Godrej washing machine, Electrolux washing machine.  

Commercial and Industrial washing Machines 

Milnor washing Machine, Lapauw Washing Machine, Girbau Washing Machines, IFB Washing Machine, Stefab washing Machine, Speed Queen Washing Machine, Maytag washing Machine, Miele Washing Machine, Siemens Washing Machine,