How to Get Wrinkles Out Of Clothes Without Iron?


How to Get Wrinkles Out Of Clothes Without Iron is one of the golden questions triggered in to the minds of laundry operators. There are so many methods and DIY to get wrinkles out of the clothes. Giving a one hundred percent solution is still awaited.

Some of the methods may be favorable to some of the laundry operators, depending upon the mode of operating laundry process and the climatic conditions in that area. 

However, of course we will be discussing some of the methods without any assurance that it will be one hundred percent applicable in your case. But yes, one of these methods may help you to solve your problem. Why do our clothes get wrinkles?

I remember an incident from my childhood, when we were not able to iron clothes with hot iron plugged into electricity. We used to fold the clothes and keep them under the mattress. In the morning we used to get wrinkled free wearable clothes. 

Tips on How to Get Wrinkles Out of Clothes Without Iron

1 Flat Bottom Pot for DE Wrinkle Clothes

This is one of the ancient hacks to remove wrinkles on your clothes.

Pour warm water into the pot, hold it on the top and press it on the clothes to remove wrinkles and it does the miracle. 

See that the pot has a clean bottom before using it on the clothes. This is the pot used in the old days for drinking water. The shape of the pot is easy to hold from the top and convenient to move over the cloth. After some time when the water gets cold inside the pot just spill it out and again pour warm water and repeat the procedure.

It's really a practical way of ironing the clothes in an emergency when you find your iron is not working or there is a sudden electrical break down.  

2  Use hair dryer to Remove Wrinkles on your cloth

To get wrinkles out of clothes without iron, hang the wrinkled cloth on the hanger, damp the wrinkled area. Start the hair dryer in the lowest temperature setting to avoid overheating. Hold the dryer nozzle one to two inches away from the cloth and move it on the wrinkles.  The awkward creases will vanish in no time. 

3  Steamy Showers Reduce Wrinkles

While taking a bath, hang your garment on a plastic hanger outside the shower curtain in such a way that the water does not sprinkle on it while you take a bath. When you take a bath steam gets accumulated inside the room, make sure that you close all the doors and put off the exhaust fan while you take a bath.

Since it is not an environment friendly method to remove wrinkles on your clothes, it can be practiced when you are late to go out somewhere.   

4  Dryer sheets keep wrinkles away

You might find this  information a little surprising. As we all know dryer sheets are always used to keep static away. This is also one of the ways to keep wrinkles away using dryer sheets in a dryer which contains softening agents. 

Dryer sheets work as a wrinkle destroyer. Toss a few dryer sheets in the dryer along with the clothes. You get less wrinkled clothes, it also makes the fabric soft, reduce static cling and add fragrant scent to your clothes. 

Next time you need negligible wrinkles on your clothes just top dryer sheets with your clothes in dryer and you get wrinkle free clothes.

5  How to Get Wrinkles Out Of Clothes Without Iron by using Less Drying Time

We all know that clothes shrink and get more wrinkles in dryers. Dry the clothes for less time in dryers and immediately hang them to dry. Move your hands from top to bottom on the clothes holding the clothes between the palms to further reduce the wrinkle.

6  Make Vinegar Spray DIY to remove wrinkles

If the anti wrinkle spray is not handy, just use three parts of water with one part of vinegar and add a drop of your favorite essential oil to reduce the odor of vinegar, take it in a spray a bottle and apply wrinkle should disappear. 

7  Use Wrinkle-free Spray

Use of wrinkle-free spray, which is readily available in stores, can be used to remove wrinkles on your clothes. Whenever you are short of time just sprinkle this ready to use wrinkle free spray and flick your clothes and hang on to dry for some time.  

This not only removes wrinkles but gives a mild scent to your clothes.

8  Ice Cube tricks to remove wrinkles

You just have to throw two to three ice cubes along with the wrinkled clothes inside the dryer. Run the dryer for a few minutes. When the ice cube melts giving steam-like effect, this will zap the creases and give wrinkle free clothes resembling one fresh from the cleaners.

This works for two or three clothes at a time in a dryer. If the dryer is too full this will not work very well. 

9  Use Damp Hand Towel 

After taking a bath use this damp towel along with the wrinkled clothes and put inside the dryer. Set the dryer to low temperature for five minutes. It creates steam as the towel dries which removes the creases in the fabric.

Toss fewer clothes to get good results, though this hack works with most of the clothes it works 100% with cotton garments. Clothes should not sit in the dryer for long to get good results.

10  Use Hair Straightener

Make sure that the hair straightener plates are clean and clothes are iron safe. Move the straightener over the wrinkles up side down in one direction. You can set the temperature high for cotton clothes and low for delicate fibers. 

11 Use of Mattress to Remove Wrinkles

You should love your bed for doing multi task. Tight roll the garments like Burritos/Frankie and keep them under the mattress for half an hour and the magic happens. 

You get wrinkle free clothes without using iron in no time.