Why Do My Clothes Get Wrinkled? Get Wrinkles Out Of Clothes Without Iron

Why Do My Clothes Get Wrinkled? Get Wrinkles Out Of Clothes Without Iron
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Reasons Why Do My Clothes Get Wrinkled?

Before starting with how to get wrinkles out of clothes without ironing. We must first understand why my clothes get wrinkled?

As per the research carried out and a reference to the post by "The Children's Museum of Indianapolis". We have learned and remember little chemistry in schools that there is an attraction of the molecules inside the item. Similarly, the clothes are made by weaving the fibers together. These molecules of the fibers are held together by bond.

When our clothes get wet or heated the molecular bond between the molecules of the fiber is broken down and this bond gets reattached (reoriented) when the clothes get dry or cool respectively.

Reoriented Bonding

This reoriented bonding between the molecules put wrinkles on the clothes.

Clothes made up of wool, nylon or polyester have a glass transition temperature. Below this temperature the molecules are held together in a glass phase.

However, if the temperature of the fabric rises above this threshold the bond is broken and gets reoriented in different shapes. As this clothe gets cool this newly formed bond create wrinkle in clothe.

Where as fabrics like cotton, linen and rayon are held together by hydrogen bonds. The same bond H2O found in water molecules. Due to this hydrogen bond, clothes fabricated with this fiber are more absorbent. So when these clothes are soaked in water this bond between the molecules loosens up and the clothe lose it's shape. When these clothes are dried the moisture evaporates new hydrogen bond is formed, they lock in places and the wrinkles are formed.  

 How To Get Stubborn Wrinkles Out Of Clothes?  

Ironing is such a chore and wrinkles are annoying. You have to get out of these giant ironing boards and get a proper heat setting on the iron and that is all the time consuming and most hated work to be done when we are late for the office or for a party.

Luckily, we do not require an iron to remove wrinkles from clothes. It requires no trip to the dry cleaners down the town. There are lots of laundry hacks that require less effort and time.

Here are some of the clothing care hacks to keep away from wrinkles without ironing.