How to Dry Jeans Without Shrinking and Fading Effectively?

How to Dry Jeans Without Shrinking: Denim being the most durable fabric it is often used for casual wear and hence it is important to take care while washing and drying it properly to avoid fading and shrinkage. 

Now, as jeans come in various ranges of styles and colors, it is always advisable to read the given washing instructions.

Having a fast and unpredictable lifestyle, we forget to wash the important clothes which we need to wear frequently. 

Drying Jeans Without Shrinking

How To Dry Jeans Without Shrinking And Fading Effectively?

Jeans, though it is a tough fabric and goes well with a number of combinations, unfortunately it takes longer to dry.  

What do you do when you need your jeans immediately to wear? How to dry jeans without shrinking? which is not properly dried yet.  

You may consider using a tumble dryer as the fastest way to dry it at rush time. Well, there are a few other ways to dry the jeans without shrinking. 

Why do Clothes Shrink after Washing

Clothes are made from fibers made of polymers. These polymers are stretched while making the fabric, which develops stress in the fabric. But the fiber in its natural state is shorter. 

Use of hot water in washing or drying relieves stress inside the polymers making the fibers shrink. So now how to avoid shrinkage in jeans while washing and drying. 

Thick fibers like wool and cotton absorb more water, as more contact with hot water and more shrinkage takes place.  

How to Dry Jeans Without Shrinking? 

1 Use Cold Water for washing 

As discussed, thicker the fabric, the more water is absorbed. So the more fiber comes in contact with the water, the higher the chances of shrinkage. 

Hot water relieves the stress in the fiber and helps regain its original shorter size, which develops shrinkage. 

So wash your jeans in cold water. Spin at a higher speed in the rinse cycle of the washing machine for a maximum of 10 minutes, which will particularly remove excessive water in the jeans and save drying. 

2 Set Gentle Cycle of Washing Machine

Set machine settings to gentle wash cycle. It helps protect fabric stretch and tear due to agitation. Use a shorter washing cycle by reversing the jeans inside out.  

Use cold water with mild detergent and a small wash load for washing.   

3 How to dry jeans in dryer without shrinking (Dry Jeans in Dryer at Low Temperature and Shorter Time Period)

Set the tumble dryer at the lowest temperature with a drying time of 10 minutes.

Jeans shrink in the process of drying. Use a minimum load of clothes in the dry tub of the dryer.  

4 Air Dry After Removing Out of Dryer

Remove the jeans immediately after the drying cycle, do not allow them to be in a dryer tub for longer.  

Hang it on a dry line to remove the dampness. Hanging jeans directly under the sun may cause fading. 

5 Purchase Pre-Shrunk Jeans

One can purchase shrink proof or pre-shrunk jeans to avoid shrinkage of jeans in washer and dryer. 

Here the fabric is pre-washed and allowed to shrink before putting it for sale. Hence, further shrinkage in jeans is avoided. 


Hope you have understood, how to dry Jeans without shrinking and fading.