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How To Clean Leather Jacket? Leather Jacket Cleaning


How To Clean Leather Jacket? Leather Jacket Cleaning

How to clean leather jacket at home?
How to protect and clean leather jacket?

Jacket whether it is made up of  Rexine, Jeans or Leather, are always precious to us. However, the leather jacket is is purchased keeping a long time use in mind. Obviously maintaining it is part and parcel with a leather jacket. Following are the procedures on how to clean leather jacket?

Precautions For New Leather Jacket

Before starting to wear a new leather jacket, the following care can help the leather jacket which can be protected from different types of stains and water damage. 

1. Use a leather protector spray before using it for the first time to protect it from water and other stains.

2. Avoid overstuffing the leather jacket pockets, which may tear and stretch the jacket over time.

3. Avoid direct contact of the leather jacket with alcohol, Bear, Hair-gel and Perfumes as alcohol-based products can dry out the leather staining leather.

4. Do not pin or use any stickers on the jacket, leaving glue or hole marks on the jacket. 

Basics Of Cleaning Leather Jacket

Cleaning leather is not a process as we clean our cotton and other fabrics. Although cleaning leather is not a difficult task, cleaning in a wrong way may damage the aesthetic of lather reducing the life of material. 

1. Clean the dirt and light stains with a little soapy water on sponge.

Caution: Using more water may damage the leather material.

2. Regular cleaning of cuffs and collars is advisable with soapy water using sponge as these are the parts which rub against the skin and get dirty.

3. For more prominent stains, tap the sponge with soapy water and gently clean it by rubbing it in a circular motion. 

4. Once the stain is removed, dry the jacket in a cool dry place after wiping the area with a dry clean cloth. 

Caution: Avoid drying directly under the sun.

5. Once the jacket is dried, spray it with wax polish to get a new look for the jacket. 

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