What Are Microfibre Towels and Why Should You Use Them?

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber finer than our thread, having diameter of less than ten micrometers. A strand (Thread) of silk is about one denier which is about 1/5th diameter of a human hair. Microfiber is used in manufacturing mats, weaves, knits, upholstery, industrial filters and many cleaning products.

What Are Microfibre Towels and Why Should You Use Them?


What Are Microfiber Towels?

The cloth, which can be obtained by pressing strands of microfibre fabric together, also called a microfiber towel, is a basic cleaning product which is utilized to clean bathroom surfaces and do laundry. These towels are available in a variety of sizes and are available in a variety of colors and textures. The widely used microfiber cloths are available in regular size, twin size, four size, and four and half size. The microfiber towels are useful for doing laundry or cleaning the dishes. When doing laundry, these microfiber towels are utilized to completely remove water and detergent traces from washing load. It can be used to clean the tiles or ceramic shower. Microfiber towels are manufactured with high-quality microfiber cloth. 

What Are Microfibre Towels and Why Should You Use Them?
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Microfiber Towel Benefits

1. Save Water and Electricity Microfiber towel offers you an unlimited number of uses and uses up to 1/3 of the amount of water it uses to clean the surface. 

2. It cuts down on the energy spent on dry and blow-dry clothes. 

3. The replacement Fabric Microfiber towels are cheap and abundant and a good replacement for more expensive and specialized fabrics. 

4. What should you do? First, stop using normal synthetic towels as they contribute to disintegration of the environment.

5. It has a lightweight and sturdy material and can absorb more than its weight in liquid.

6. However, the material is also flexible and fluffs up to the size of a mushroom, unlike regular bath towels that are used to dry hands and other wet surfaces.

7. The major benefit is that they can be used on the same surface over and over again without leaving the residue of the load.

8. These towels are able to help in keeping the hands dry and comfortable as they remove friction between the skin and the surface of the towel.


There are hundreds of other uses of microfiber apart from towels and its use has been found in make-up removers, brushes and especially in antibacterial wipes. Splurge on your towels and save on your laundry bill and some energy to dry your clothes. 

What Are Microfibre Towels and Why Should You Use Them?

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How do you wash your towels?

To wash the microfiber towel properly, rinse it with warm water and dish-drain with soap. Rinse it once or twice again before you dry it with air-drying method or hand-dryer. Wipe it clean and allow it to dry before using it again. Do not dry it with fabric softener. You should not use fabric softener on your microfiber towels as it will leave an unpleasant smell. The fabric softener acts as a preservative which will make your towels rather coarse.  It is better to use washing machine as much as possible to reduce the rate of microfiber shedding. What is your take on microfiber towels? Are you in the dark about the use of microfiber towels or do you have any experience of using these towels? Have your say in the comment section below.

Why should you use microfiber towels?

It looks as beautiful as a silk towel but costs half the price. Microfiber is not as absorbent as a traditional towel as it has finer granules that create very little surface tension. This makes it more slippery on the surface and hence less absorbent. But that does not mean it will absorb less water. We still have a very good absorbency. It is extremely durable as it is made up of three layers which makes it water repellant as well as abrasion resistant. It is very soft and does not scratch the skin unlike a regular towel. It is easy to wash and dry in the machine. It does not absorb as much moisture as a conventional towel. It dries quickly without any stickiness. It is anti-bacterial as it contains an antimicrobial agent.


It’s not a secret that microfiber towels will be your best friend and will give you high quality for your cleaning purposes. There are millions of types of products available in the market, as you’re aware, we are very particular about our cleaning care and hygiene.