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How To Wash Fleece Jacket Without Pilling?

How To Wash Fleece Jacket Without Pilling?

You have any of the softest fleece jackets or blankets in the world but sometimes you need to wash them and want them to stay soft. 

Suppose you've got a big old dirt spot on your fleece jacket and so you want to get that off, you should always try to wash your garments or your clothes any time it gets a spot on it to try to get it out as soon as possible.

How To Wash Fleece To Keep It Soft? 

Take some of your liquid detergent and rub it right on that spot if the rest of the jacket isn't really dirty. Do not add anymore soap to your machine. Fill washing machine with water and load your jacket because your fleece jacket is fuzzy, you are putting anything else in the washing machine with it.

You don't want the fuzz and lint to get on something else and I don't want anything else to rub against your jacket and roughen it up and make it so as if it isn't so pretty anymore...

How To Wash Fleece Jacket Uniqlo?

Now put it on cold delicate on the shortest wash cycle and add half a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. Because that is going to help it be fluffy, make sure there's no residue in it and keep it soft and you are only going to dry it for just a few minutes. You are going to fluff up your fleece for just three to five minutes and then you are going to hang it up to dry the rest of the way so the fleece will stay  soft and fluffy and just the way you want it.

So if you have nice soft fuzzy fleece blankets, jackets, vests or clothes, try washing them on gentle with white vinegar and see if they don't stay nice and soft and fluffy like when they were new longer.


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