Laundry Equipment in Housekeeping as Required in Different Sectors

Laundry Equipment in Housekeeping

Laundry equipment in housekeeping for all the laundry sectors are almost the same. Housekeeping is a department in all the industries where laundry is one of the areas of operations. 

The broad categories in the laundry sector are Commercial laundry, Industrial laundry and Institutional Laundry.

Laundry Equipment in Housekeeping

Commercial Laundry

Retail Laundry and Laundromat comes under the commercial laundry section. Here the customer comes in direct contact with laundry operators.

Industrial Laundry

Hotel Laundry, Hospital Laundry, Pharmaceutical Laundry, Centralized Laundry in Industrial Area(Where large number of clothes are brought by different industries for washing). 

Institutional Laundry

Institutions where they have their own laundry facility installed on their premises like Railways, Defense etc. It is also sometimes called inhouse laundry. Here the laundry load is collected and despatched by the Housekeeping department from the laundry to different facilities as and when required. 

Laundry Equipment

More or less all the laundry equipment in housekeeping are the same, the only difference is in the capacities and specifications of the equipment.  

Laundry Equipment in Housekeeping as Required in Different Sectors

The equipments required for laundry are..

1. Washer Extractor 

After sorting out the laundry this is the first Equipment used in the laundry process. For more details visit Washer Extractor.

2. Tumble Dryer 

After Washer Extractor the laundry is sent for drying in tumble dryer. For more details visit Tumble Dryer.

All the small sized clothes are dried here like shirts, pants, pajamas, pillow covers etc. but the bigger size linens are dried in a Calendar machine/Flat work ironer.

3. Flat Work Ironer 

Large sized linens like bedsheets, towels, curtains etc are spread and dried by passing through headed rollers. For further details visit laundry finishing and handling equipment.

Laundry Equipment Capacities

1. Washer Extractors and Tumble Dryer required at commercial premises can of less capacities say 10kg to 25kg per hour. Where as for institutional and industrial sectors, the required capacities may vary from 100 kgs to 1 ton per day as per the laundry size.

2. Flat Work Ironer/Calendar Machine, this is used where lots of linen are to be washed like in Hospitals and Railways. 

3. Laundry Finishing and Handling Equipment again depends on the size of the laundry to be handled every day. You will definitely get all the insights right from scratch in other posts in this blog. 

Point of View

Laundry equpments in hotel are custom designed as there are several factors that need to be considered. Location, Quantity of laundry to be processed, Budget, Availability of type of fuel available and working hours per day. 

All these factors needed to be calculated to design the exact laundry equipment required.