How to Grow Your Laundry Business? Dry Cleaning and Laundry

How to Grow Your Laundry Business? 


Introduction to How to Grow Your Laundry Business

How to grow your laundry business and dry cleaners business is a question for the owners of this business. The laundry and dry cleaning business is a recession-proof business around the globe. What are the things needed for laundry business?

Apart from being a profitable business, this industry is less hit by the downturn in the economy. But still, all the laundry owners and Dry Cleaners are not Milliners. The major reason behind this is unorganized management. 

Therefore, business owners are not able to make strategic business-oriented decisions. Here we will be discussing a proven practice that will immensely help to increase the profit and scaling of your Laundry and Dry Cleaners Business and a complete laundry business plan.

CHALLENGES: How to grow your laundry business?

How to create and grow the business is a crucial challenge faced by the Laundry Business Operators and the Laundromat. Laundromat business operators are facing the task of not only developing perfect business marketing strategies but also learning what laundromat business challenges they face in catching their targeted audience and methods to overcome these challenges.

While you are in the process of growing your laundry business, marketing strategies and targeting the right audience for your laundry business also plays a vital role as it ensures the protection of your laundromat business. Prompt and efficient customer service is an incredibly important aspect of any business to be a success.  


It is very imperative to select and train the staff carefully. They should be very informative, transformative, possessing great communication skills with neat and tidy attire. They should be able to deliver a very professional message to the customer. Their behavior with the customer should be very noble, the person handling the customer call should be very articulate. 

Always keep a positive attitude while communicating with the customers and never be negative or hostile. Always offer the solution never to talk about problems in the business. There is no business without problems. Keep a positive and energetic body language.

When the customer drops his garments for washing, he should get the feeling that it will be taken care of, as if any staff is taking care of their own attire and clothes. Staff should be able to sort the garments correctly for washing, spotting, and dry cleaning. 

They should also be able to put the appropriate finishing touch to ironing and folding and delivering the cleaned garments properly packed in a logoed plastic bag helping the further promotion of the laundry business. This tends to generate more business.  


Further penetrating and partnering with laundromats in the local market by collecting clothes to wash from local power laundry, laundromats, and dry cleaners can help enhance the business. Deploying laundry collection boxes at different housing complexes can save the pickup and delivery time of the laundromat operators.   


Customers should not wait to find the attendees at the laundry counter. Customers should never be left unattended on phones or emails. He should have promptly replied. A laundry attendant should be easily available to the customer. Regular blog posts and videos can help stay connected to the customers. “Cost of customer retention is less than the cost to find the new customer”. 

Hence it is very important to retain the customer, if you find any old customer who has not come to your shop for a long time. Call him to try to find out what his problems are, solve his problems, never judge the customer on the amount of business he is giving you because once this customer is happy with your approach, believe me, he will bring multi-fold of the business through his mouth publicity. 

People love to be given attention and treated with love, they will return to feel this experience in your shop. People never forget the experience and they will share it with others.


Good business can be achieved by offering tailor-made schemes to the clients according to their requirements. You should study the trends of the customers. Let us say approximately, bachelors give around 35 to 45 garments for washing every month and a nuclear family gives 100 to 150 number of garments for washing every month. “Common flat discount” scheme will not do much good as it may fetch a couple of more garments. 

Instead, if you provide certain prepaid packages to them it can be of more help. Nuclear family prepaid packages can be launched, like pay 10,000/- advance and getting service worth 12,000/- if used within six months. Customers won’t mind paying a lump sum amount as he will be saving a good amount in six months. Only those customers who are satisfied with your services will come.

Also, you cannot convince this to a bachelor customer as he cannot afford this package. In this case, youcan float the package to pay 1 K in advance and get unlimited garments washed and ironed out for the next entire week. Suppose he was giving the business worth 500/-, now he can give the business worth 1000/-. Similar to different packages can be launched to study customer behavior (Trends).   


Customer Loyalty for the next 6 months.

# Business in advance, no worries about keeping the bills pending, money is

    not blocked.

# Developing good reference business.

# If it is a prepaid laundromat, customers tend to come themselves to    

   deliver and collect the garments. Hence saving time.  


It is very important that laundrymen should go, collect and deliver the garments as per the customers’ required time. To eliminate this, a new concept of “DHOBI LOCKERS” has come into existence.

Here the lockers are installed at different societies or housing societies. When customers open the locker, an automated text message is generated and delivered to the registered mobile number of the Laundromat operator, with the message that this locker number is loaded with garments for washing.

Once the locker is opened for collection, the customer gets an automated message from the laundry mobile that the garments are collected for washing. After completing the entire process of laundry and the ready clothes are placed in the lockers for the customers to collect. This message is automatically generated. 

This way it is a good system of collecting the garments at different locations of the city and the revenue is enhanced. This way the garments are tracked at each and every process of the laundromat. 


Measuring your business at a regular interval of time. It is very important to imply efficient decision making at the right time and to be proactive. A proactive approach makes things happen your way, instead of waiting for them to happen. It is very important to have tools for your business to give the right data through the right channels.   


Downtime of the equipment and further extension periods of downtime on service issues can ruin the revenue streamline of your business. It is always better to be over-prepared so that your equipment is up to date and is maintained regularly. If your warranty is about to expire, please renew the service contract or keep the local repair person handy, who can help you out in a pinch.

Limiting water usage and energy usage can be a game-changer in the laundromat business. Limiting water usage and energy usage can save hundreds of dollars every year. Heat-exchangers can be used to get the hot water from the waste hot water and steam going out into the drain, which can be recycled as boiler feed to generate the steam.   


The Healthcare and Pharma Industry has shown tremendous growth. Growth in the health care and pharmacy sectors has enhanced growth in the dry cleaning and laundry business. New visions for the healthcare industry include not just easy access, availability, and affordability but also preventive, protective, proactive, and outcome-based care model promotions. Hospitals, healthcare centers, gymnasiums, and physiotherapy clinics are growing manifold, increasing the scope for a laundromat business.  


Due to internet penetration in the hospitality industry, due to great opportunities in the franchise business, busy lifestyles of the people, digitization in the Laundry Business, due to all these factors laundromat businesses are experiencing exponential business growth. The offline distribution channel was the largest expanded segment compared to the online channel. Due to the ease in the operation of apps in the mobile, most of the business grows vertically and horizontally.  


When we see any logo or any image, we collect the name of that particular company, this is what we call brand recognition. Continuous work on digital media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Email Marketing, Hoardings extra are the sources for creating the brand for the company.

Many of us believe that once we design the logo and website, doing little advertisement is sufficient to create the brand, which is a very wrong belief.

The logo and the name should constantly flash in front of the customer. Once the branding is done properly and the brand is established, then you will observe the automatic increasing footsteps of the customers to your store.

Brand awareness is more of a photographic memory and emotional attachment. Keep making videos and banners for digital advertisements. This is a continuous process and the results are slow and long-lasting. 


Regular customers visiting your laundromat outlet deserve unexpected rewards in the form of discount coupons, referral income, movie tickets, or something that boosts them to stay linked to your store.

For example, on the second visit 10% discount coupon, forth visit 20% discount coupon, sixths visit 50 % discount, and a 10th visit free wash. Similarly, you can declare a holiday voucher for the one who refers the most customers through his ID to your outlet.

There are so many companies in the market that do marketing by printing a bunch of coupons and marketing it to the leads in the market.  You can run a scheme for the hostel students that if they (Entire Hostel) gives you a business of Indian Rupees 300,000/- in three months you will be gifting them 50 liter capacity of water-cooler to their hostel.  Similar schemes can be generated for the promotion of the business in different sectors.


Customers faded after some time watching their garments washed live in the Washer Extractor and Dryer through the glass of the store. To generate additional business (Value Adding), some coin-operated games or computer operated games can be installed in the laundry premises, helping the customer pass their time with the additional income generation for the outlet.

Another way is by introducing the point collection system, whenever the customer comes to your outlet to wash the garments some points are uploaded into these cards, which can be collectively redeemed in the next wash.

Catch customers in the parking lot. Many supermarkets and malls have huge parking lots. Take, the permission from the authorities to market your product to the people entering the mall in the parking lot. 

Pamphlets and Flyers

Printing and distributing the flyers at regular intervals is also a very old and effective method of advertising. This type of advertising can help those laundry businesses which have a small territory. A huge investment is not required in this type of advertisement. No need to have a very catchy pamphlet, it can be used to deliver the message you want to. Layouts can be designed using Power-point, Paint-brush or any other software available free on the internet.

Outdoor advertising like flex printing, as you see in the places where they are fixed to find the location of the outlets, is the most popular and inexpensive marketing tool. It explains all the services provided at the outlet.


It is very important to have a good reputation with the customers. It is very well said, “First you have to make the connections and then do the Corrections”. 

If you are very well connected to the customer, then the customer starts believing you and you can implant whatever ideas you want to implement into his mind.

Whenever there is a dispute, like any garment is damaged at your store, it can be very well explained to the customer how it is damaged and he is in the position to listen to you calmly because you have developed a good relationship with him.

The more visible you are, the easier it is to handle customer relations. Improved connections will also make businesses trustworthy and improve the feeling of safety.


By now you have done everything you can to find people organically. Google Ads is Google’s online paid advertising platform. Here you create your advertisement through the website, using appropriate keywords. 

Which will flash on the internet for a particular circular diameter or zip code, whatever option is selected by you. When people search for laundromat options in your area your advertisement appears, using the given search keywords, they come to the landing page of your advertised web site.

While advertising with Google Ads, you can assign a proper budget for the campaign and have control, on your spending, hence Google Ads is the most cost-effective and targeted medium of advertising. You are paying per click. This is a proper process and you can change the quantity of clicks per day you require for a particular day or week. Here you have the proper control over the advertising budget and the time for how long your advertisement should be visible.


This platform should be used to attract the customers with the proper schemes and huge benefits to the customers because they will be comparing the other sites as well, located in your area from the same business.

Many campaigns fail even after using google ads and receiving calls from the customer and customer, never turns up. This platform is used to generate business keeping in mind that the customer has called your office as he is in need of service. 

It is your scheme, which should attract him and force him to come to your outlet. Once he comes to you, he should be shown with the other benefits for him in the next visit. In this way, he never goes in search of other outlets, as he gets everything needed here and he becomes a loyal customer thereafter. Appropriately using these Google Ads can fetch miraculous results.   


Micro niche blogging enables the customers to send and read posts called “TWEETS”. Even unregistered followers can read the tweet, and registered followers can post through the website, SMS, or through a range of available mobile applications.

From a business point of view, the tweeter can be used for fast communication for customer service, gathering real-time market feedback, building customer relations, generating leads, also marketing and sharing coupons, and discount deals.

It is word of mouth; this is a great way of participation in the social community. We are peppering up the information about your business and asking them to follow the link.

Facebook is also a very good platform to keep the presence of your business on social media. Instagram, Telegram and WhatsApp are also some of the social media sites used for the promotion of businesses.