Good Laundromat Names ! Laundry Slogans ! Retail Business Names

Good Laundromat Names ! Laundry Slogans ! Retail Business Names 

Laundromat Names and Taglines

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Names Name Name Business Name. Name of baby boy, name of baby girl that comes to our mind while starting any type of business. When one decides to start a laundry business, it becomes very dicey to select the proper laundry name for your laundry business. Then one decides to use the name of a family member. The names can be searched for as laundromat names, modern laundry shop names, laundry names, Retail Business names, Laundry Slogans.

I have tried to sum up all the laundry names, Laundry quotes quotes about laundry without categorizing them. Given below are the points to be considered while selecting the Laundry Business name. Also, given below are some of the beautiful slogans and tag lines which can be used along with the name.

The names given below are arranged alphabetically.

A Plus Cleaners,
Ace Laundromat
A Free Wash Laundromat,
Angels Home,
Angels Cleaning Service,
A+ Laundromat
ABC One Hour Cleaners
All Clean Laundry           
A+ Storage & Laundry,
A-1 Laundromat
Apex Linen Services.
Amigo Coin Laundromat,
Aliant Cleaners
Access Cleaners
All Clean,
All Washed Up
All Seasons Laundry,
Arty Dry Cleaners
Airy Cloth Care,
April Clean Fresh

Best Coin Laundry
Bright and Beautiful Cleaning
Best Coin Laundry
Bar Laundromat                         
Big Apple Cleaners
          Bird’s Coin Laundry               
Broom with A Clue
Busy Bee Laundromat          
Big Blue Laundromat
Blue Springs Laundry            
Busy B’s Laundrette
Baker Laundromat                 
Big B Cleaners
Big Wash Tub Coin Laundry    
Butler’s Dry Cleaning
Bubble Dry Cleaners           
Bell Road Clean Wash
Big Daddy’s Coin Laundry    
Big Bundle Laundromat
Bunch A Bubbles                
Budget Drycleaners
Bean Clean                        
Bubbles Agency
Bristle Cleaning Agency          


City Limits Laundry                          
    Chase Cleaners                               
Clean Freedom
    Cindy’s Cleaners
Clean Sweep                                    
    Clean Living Laundry                       
COIN Less Laundry                 
    Clean bay
Clean Queen                                  
    Clothes Connection Laundromat    
Chinese Laundry
    Counts Cleaners ' Laundry"
Clean Linens & More                      
    Clean Queen
Courtesy Coin Laundry
    Coin for Less                                           
Caesars Entertainment Laundry     
    Carousel Laundry                            
Cheyenne Coin Laundry
    Centerville Laundromat
Clean Conscience                           
    Classic Cleaning                             
Clean Threads Super Laundry
    Clean World 24 Hour Laundromat
Cleaning Solutions                          
    Community Coin Laundry                
Comet Cleaners
    Crown Cleaners
Clean Club
    Country Clean 
Corral Cleaners & Launderers                 
    Crestwood Coin Laundry                                         
Clean Mart                                      
    Clean Machine                                 
    Clean Dream
Clean Queen                                   
    Century Dry Cleaners                      
Clean Dream Valet
    Century Cleaners
Celebrity Dry Cleaners                     
    Clean Slate                                     
Coming Clean
    Clean Start
Clean wipe Cleaners                   
    Clean Conscience   
Clean Club
    Cleaning solutions
Classic Cleaning                                        
    Contemporary Cleaners


Dirt busters                                      
    Diamondbacks Laundries                  
Do Right Cleaning
    Duck River Laundry
Door to Door Maids                         
    Discount Laundry                                 
Due Dirty Laundry
    Dr. Clean Management
Dust to Shine                                  
    Dust Buddies                                       
Diamond Shine
    Dusty Might
Drip n Dry                                        
    Dust Buddies                                    
Dry Clean US
    Dusty Might
Dust n Shine                                    
    Duds N Suds Laundry                        
Dirt Busters
    Deep Clean Cleaning Service
Doting Dry Cleaners                        
    Dependable dry cleaners                
Dutiful Dry Cleaners
    Depend on us
Dependable Delivery                       
    Drop off Dry Cleaners                     
Daisy Fresh
    Do Right Cleaning
Dust to Shine                                    

    Door to Door Maids                     
Due Dirty Laundry


Express Cleaners                            
  Elite Cleaners                                  
E-Z Coin Laundry
  Emperor's Cleaners
Early Bird Laundry
  Extreme Clean                                
Econ-O-Wash Laundry
  Eagle Express Laundry
Econ-O- Laundromat                         
  Eco dry Carpet Cleaning                 
Edgewood Laundry                           
  Eco Wash Laundromat
Elite Laundry Services                     
  Easy Clean Services                       
Express Laundry
  Eco Cleaners
Eagle Express Laundry
  Executive Shirt Laundry                  
Executive Laundry                          
  Extreme Clean


Freedom Clean
Faith Coin Laundry
Five Points Laundromat
Fresh Air Laundry
Fabric Care Coin Laundry
Five Star Coin Laundry
Friendly Laundry
Flamingo Cleaners
Fantastic Cleaners
Family Coin Op Laundry
Fluff & Fold
Family Laundry
Feather Laundry
Fresh and Clean
Fresh Start
Fresh Daily
Fresh Break
Fresh Way
Fresh Touch
Feather Lady
Freedom Clean
Fresh Delivery
Flowers Fresh
Fresh Clean

Grand Laundry
Golden Wash Laundromat
Grime Busters
Green Acres Laundry
Greenway Laundry
Green Dragon Laundromat
Green World Cleaners
Green Cleaning Team
Garden Springs Laundromat
Gold Country Carpet Cleaning
Green Cleaners
Golden Isle Laundry
Golden Wash
Gold Medal Dry Cleaners
Golden Clothes cares
Golden Shine House
Grime Busters
 Green Clean

Alphabet----H,I and J...

Hygiene Machine
Heavenly House Cleaners
High Street Laundry
Hazel’s Laundromat
Hourglass Cleaners
High and Dry
Happy House Cleaners
Hygienic Cleaners
Iron Ready
In the Fresh
Ideal for your Clothe Care
It All Comes Out in the Wash
Jeeves Laundry Services
Just Clean
Jeeves Laundry Services
Jumbo Wash Laundry
Jasmine Laundry
Jumbo 24 Hour Coin Laundry

Alphabet----K ans L...
Kwik Wash Laundry
King Neptune
Kleen A Matic
Klean Way
KM Laundry & Dry Cleaners
Keep It Clean                                  
Lean Mean Clean Machine
Legend Cleaners
Laundry Care
Laundry Basket
Laundry Source
Let Us Hurt Your Dirt
Let Me Do The Cleaning
Lemon Fresh Cleaning
Laundry Barn
Laundry Tub
Laundromat, Wash, and Wear
Laundry Chute
Laundry Mat
Laundry Wheel
Load Lifters
Laundry Connection
Love Laundry
Laundromat Express
Laundry Day
Laundry Express
Laundry Land
Laundry Warehouse
Loving Care
Let Me Do The Cleaning
Let us Hurt your Dirt
Load Lifters
Loving Care Cleaners
Laundry Lady
Laundry Pile
Laundry Day
Laundry Room
Laundry Cart
Laundry List
Like New Cleaners
Let Us Launder
Luxurious Laundry
Laundry Shute
         Laundry Hub


Maid to Perfection
Maid in Your City
Mean Clean
Miracle Bubbles
My Laundry Room
Miss Clean Laundry
Modern Laundry
Mom & Pops
Mr. Suds Laundromat
Mega Cleaners
Mint Locker
Magic Wash Laundromat
Master Cleaners
Modern Cleaners & Laundry
Mother Nature’s Cleaning Services
Metropolitan Laundry
Mom’s Laundromat
Mule town Laundry
Minuteman Cleaners
Mean Joe Clean
Magic Hands Clothe Clean
Magic Moppers
Magical Maids
Maid to Shine
Maid in Heaven
Maid in Your City
Maid to Order
Maid to Perfection
Maid to the Rescue
Married to the Mob
Marvelous Maids
Mean Clean
Millennium Maid

Alphabet----N, O and P...
Neat n Tidy
        No More Laundry
Nice Touch
        National Laundry
Oasis Laundromat
Old Town Laundromat
Out with the wash
On Demand Laundry
On Demand Dry Cleaners
Outstanding Dry Cleaners
Permanent Pressers
Press and Clean
Pressed Perfect
Pumping Iron Dry Cleaners
Proper Care Cleaners
Platinum Dry Cleaning
Pound of Fresh
Picked Clean
Perfect Cleaners
Pecos Laundry
Personal Touch
Plaza Super Wash
Payless Cleaners
Park Avenue Cleaners
Peachy Clean Laundry
Pro Laundromat
Perfectly Clean
Patriot Express Laundry
Pecos Laundromat
Press Express
Pristine Cleaning
Pick My Laundry
Prestige Cleaning
Pristine Cleaning

Alphabet----Q and R...
Quick Wash Laundry
Quick Wash Laundromat
Queen Clean
Quality Dry Cleaners
Quick Turnaround Dry Cleaners
Quarter Hour Dry Cleaning
Rinse Repeat Dry Cleaners
Rainbow Laundromat
Rainbow Cleaners
Rapid Wash
Rise ‘n Shine
Rag Tag Team
Rebel Laundromat
Rolling Hills Coin Laundry
Royal Crest Cleaners


Scrub Board
Social Spin Laundromat
Speedy Wash Coin
Spic n Span
Splash Em Out
Spotless Services
Suds Your Duds
Super Klean Laundry
Scotch Clean Center
Sea Island Laundry
Silverado Cleaners
Sin City Suds Laundromat
Soap Suds Laundromat
Southwest Linen
Spin City Laundromat
Splash ’em Out Laundromat
Super Cleaners
Sandy’s Magic Touch
Southside Laundry
Soap Opera Laundry
Spin Cycle Laundromat
Sparta Laundry
Stellar Coin Laundry
Splash Laundromat
Suntown Laundry
Sunrise Laundromat and Dry Cleaners
Soap Haven Laundry
Super Coin Laundry
Sparkle Laundromat
Soapy Suds Laundry
Splish Splash Coin Laundry
Steam Clean
Sunset Laundry
Super Suds
Super Wash Laundry
Soddy Daisy Laundromat
Sparkle Laundry
Speed Wash & Fold
Spin City Coin Wash
Squeaky Clean Laundry
Suds City
Suds Laundromat
Super Laundry
Sister’s Coin Laundry
Sparkling White
Snow-White Laundromat
Sunshine Laundromat
Spark Klean laundry

Superior Laundries
Sahara Laundry
Smart Laundry
Soap & Suds Laundromat
Speed Coin Laundry
Speed Queen Laundry
Star Distributing
Sunshine Coin Laundry
Surfside Coin Laundry
Smart-Clean Laundry
Sparkles Dry Cleaning
Solutions Home
Shining Wear Services
Shining Clothing Care
Smart Clean Laundry
Stripped Clean
Spic and Span
Sparkling Coin
  Spiffy Clean
Stripped Clean
Same Day Service
Spotless Services
    Splash and Dash Laundromat'


The Laundry Depot
The Laundry Lounge
The Laundry Basket
The Laundry List
The Laundry Room
The Wash Tub
The Great American Laundromat
The Palace Laundromat
Tiny Bubble 24 Hour Laundromat
TLC Cleaners
The Hollywood Laundromat
The Washtub Laundromat
The Laundry People
The Washboard Coin
The Laundry Palace
Tornado Laundromat
The Point Laundry
The Wash n’ Place
Thunder Suds Laundromat
The Z Laundromat
The Dutchman’s Laundry
The Executive Dry
The Exclusive Laundry
Tip-Dry Services
Top Klean
Town Beats Dry Cleaning
The Dry Team
Travel Clean Laundries
The Laundry Basket
The Laundry Room
The Laundry Hamper

Alphabet----U,V,W and X...
Uni-First Uniform Services
United Linen Service
Universal Laundry
Ultra Dry Cleaners
United Linen Service
Village Coin Laundry
Vina Coin Laundry
Village Cleaners
Victorious Valet
Wash Me Coin Laundry
West Avenue Coin Laundry
Wash Bowl Laundry & Linen
Willow Avenue Express Laundry Centre
World of Dry Cleaners
Walk In Dry Cleaners
Wash Co Laundry
Wash Barn
Washing Well
Wash & Save Laundromat
Wash House
Wild Wash
Washed Away
Wash & Wing Stop
Wash World
Wave MAX Laundry
Whale of a Wash
Wishy Washy
Wash & Dry Laundry
Washboard 24 Hour Laundry
Wizard of Suds Laundromat
We Mean Clean
Wash Outs
 We Wash
 Xtra Tidy Clothe Cleaning

Points to remember while selecting the Laundry Name:

A Catchy Business name should be short, easy to remember and distinct.
·         It builds the first impression in the customer's mind.
·         Select the name in in such a way that it becomes a brand in the future.
·         It should be easy to pronounce.
·         Use easy to spell words.
·         Do Trade Mark research.
·         Do the research of domain.
·         Do not use hyphens in the domain.

Please find some of the Slogans/phrases/tags lines for your business.
For more laundry names.

Laundry Slogans     


1.     Moments of Cleaning Clothes
2.    A life full of whiteness
3.    We care about clothes better
4.   Quality Work at Perfect Time
5.    Fresh Clothes, Fresh Life
6.    A power that is Bright
7.    Spirit of Refreshing Life
8.    The joy of Bright Cloth
9.    The Right Choice for Your Clothes
10. Bring power to your life 
11.  Taking care of your dirty deeds
12. Making you smell nice
13.  Your clothes deserve it
14. Because clothes are expensive!
15.  Get the shirt spotless
16. No fading, only cleaning
17.  Love your clothes
18. The perfect care for your clothes
19. Stay clean.
20 Laundry days are important
21. Caring your Cloths more
22. Loving your Clothes LIke you
23. Clean laundry, Clean day
24.       A Makeover of Your Laundry
25. Making Your Laundry Better
26.You can leave it. We Clean it
27. Cleaning is our Job
28. making Old Clothes, Newer
29.Rediscovering Cleaning Work
30.Redefining laundry
31.  Laundry is a Never-Ending Story
32. Get a Change for your Clothes
33. Your Family Dream
34.We are Stronger than your Dirt
35. Giving Your Cloth a Longer Life
36. Add Brightness to your Clothes
37. be Spotless, Be Bright
38. We are the Right Key to Cleaning
39. You Wear It, We Clean it
40.        Clean, It's Your Choice
41. Everyone has a reason for Cleaning
42.            Finest Personal Touch Cleaning
43.Personal and Professional Cleaning
44.              Bringing the Power of Cleaning
45.  Shining you like Crystal
46.              Clean, Done it Right
47.First Class Cleaning Service
48.             we’re Rewarding
49.             Where Spotless Clothes Are at Your Doorstep
50.Your Clothes Cleaned Your way
51.  Making the world Spotless
52. Professional Laundry Services at Affordable Rates
53. Cleaning Clothing, Sharing Happiness
54.Affordable Laundry for all
55. Experience a new Level of Laundry
56. Because Quality is Necessary
57. Finest Cleaning For all
58. One Call, Clean it all
59. Reason for Cleaning
60.            Cleaning is your Choice
61. Experience a new Level of Cleaning
62.Laundry as its Finest
63. Committed to a healthier Environment
64.            Clean clothes, Clean passion
65. We are full of passion
66.            Cleaning Needs Satisfied
67. Quality in Every Work
68.Get Your Important Things Back and Laundry for Us
69.            Protecting your Clothes
70.All Steam More Clean
71.  Clean Clothes, Clean Life
72. Giving Happiness Through Cleaning
73. Laundry is Our Motto
74.The Right Thing for Your Bad Clothes
75. Washing Clothes is Messy, Clean it
76. Let’s remove stains

77. don’t worry we are here.

78. It’s all about cleaning

79. All books are available here

80.           A place that satisfies you.

81. Center for Cleaning

82. Cleaning with Care

83. Your clothes are in safe hands

84.          cleaning never ends

85. we all clean from your clothes

86.A Places where you get clean clothes

87. What would you like to read?

88.where Everyone is satisfied

89.a place that takes old clothes to new
90.                clean with care

91. Your clothes are in safe hands

92.clean it up

93. clean for you

94.          oh how it’s clean

95. cleaning is our moto

96.            We focus on removing dirt

97. We know how to clean

98.Shining like stars

99.                We will serve you with cleaning services

100.             Laundry on your budget

101.               High-quality finish

102.              Be clean, Be spotless

103.              Cleaning is done in the right way

104.             let us do it for you.

105.              we know the value of your clothes

106.              Clean, nice, smile nice

107.              Clean as you'd expect.

108.              when your clothes need to be cleaned

109.              cleaning without bleaching

110.               A Makeover of Your Laundry

111.                Nobody does like us

112.               Clean it all

113.               Let’s Refine your clothes

114.               Wet, dry, good to wear

115.               Laundry experts here 
       Laundry Names in India