Hotel Laundry Design as per the number of Rooms | Neat & Clean

Hotel Laundry Design as per the number of Rooms | Neat & Clean

Hotel Laundry Design as per the number of Rooms | Neat & Clean

Introduction: Designing Hotel Laundry:

The guest entering the reception of the hotel gets interacted by the reception executive at the counter. Neatness and the Cleanliness are what impresses the guest, as the first impression. As said, “The first impression cannot be created the second time”. Then before making the advance payment for the hotel room or booking it, the guest prefers to see the hotel room.

After entering the room, the guest looks at the amenities provided, how spacious the room is, how big, neat and clean the bedding is done and the cleanliness maintained at the bathroom and toilets.

So, if we see altogether the guest is always observing the cleanliness and the hygiene maintained in the hotel before making the advance payments.

The guest who has planned to stay for more than 2/3 days always inquires about the laundry facility provided at the hotel and how fast it is done. Because the guest, may have traveled for his business meeting, or to attend a seminar or family marriage or get-together, etc. carrying limited clothes with him. Hence expect the clothes given for laundry to be returned with a wash, fold, and ironed the next day.

Here, the in-house hotel laundry comes into the picture. If the hotel is outsourcing the clothes to some laundromat nearby, then it sometimes becomes very difficult to return the clothes washed, dried and ironed to the guest the same day.

The cleanliness, neatness, and freshness in the uniforms of the hotel staff play a vital role to make a good impression on the guests. So also, the cleanliness and hygiene maintained with the linens plays an important role.

Even on the websites of the hotel, the spacious rooms with neat and clean bedding are displayed. This influences the user to book the room on-line.

We will see what are the standard linens generally required in guest rooms in hotels or resorts. Bed Sheets, Flat Sheets, Duet Cover, and Mattress Protector.


 General Hotel Bed Linen Sizes


Bed Sheets

 Flat Sheets

 Duet Cover

 Mattress Protector

Twin Size

Inch= 66'' X 104''

Feet= 5.5 X 8.66

Cm= 167.76 X 264.16

Inch= 71 X 108"

Feet= 3.54 X 9.02

Cm= 180 X 275

Inch=55" X 79"

Feet= 4.5 X 6.5

Cm=140 X 200

Inch= 35.83" X 46. 45"

Feet= 2.98 X 6.17

Cm= 91 X 188

Double Size

Inch= 81" X 104"

Feet= 6.75 X 8.66

Cm= 205.74 X 264.16

Inch= 91 X 108"

Feet= 7.54 X 9.02

Cm= 230 X 275"

Inch=79" X 79"

Feet= 6.5 X 6.5

Cm=200 X 200

Inch= 53.94 X 74.01"

Feet= 4.49 X 6.16

Cm= 137 X 188

Queen Size

Inch= 90" X 110"

Feet= 7.5 X 9.16

Cm= 228.6 X 279.4

Inch= 92 X 108"

Feet= 8.75 X 9.15

Cm= 267 X 279

Inch= 83" X 83"

Feet= 6.91 X 6.91

Cm= 210 X 210

Inch= 60.23 X 79.92"

Feet= 5.01 X 6.66

Cm= 153 X 203

King Size

Inch= 108" X 110"

Feet= 9 X 9.16

Cm= 274.34 X 279.4

Inch= 108 X 108"

Feet= 9.0 X 9.0

Cm= 275 X 275

Inch=89" X 87"

Feet= 7.41 X 7.41

Cm= 225 X 220

Inch= 72.04 X 79.92"

Feet= 6.00 X 6.67

Cm= 183 X 203

Super King


Inch= 180" X 200"

Feet= 15 X 16.66

Cm= 457.2 X 508

Inch= 120 X 108"

Feet= 10.00 X 9.0

Cm= 305 X 275

Inch= 102" X 87"

Feet= 8.5 X 7.41

Cm= 260 X 220

Inch= 60.23 X 79.93"

Feet= 5.0 X 6.6

Cm= 153 X 203


Inch= 200" X 200"

Feet= 16.66 X 16.66

Cm= 508 X 508

Inch= 126 X 114"

Feet= 10.94 X 9.51

Cm= 320 X 290

Inch= 114" X 92"

Feet= 9.5 X 7.6

Cm=290 X 235

Inch= 78.74 X 78.74"

Feet= 6.56 X 6.56

Cm= 200 X 200 

Pillow covers and Bath Linen Sizes:

Matching pillow covers with pillows are used based on the bed size used in the hotel rooms. The following table shows some standard pillow covers and pillow measurements.


Pillow Covers (Sizes in Inches)

Standard Size

20" X 30"

King Size

20" X 40"

Pillows (Sizes in Inches)

Standard Size

20" X 26"

King Size

20" X 36"


The toiletries include Bath Towels-Small and large, Hand Towels-Small and large, Speciality towels, Washcloths, Bath Mat, etc. Below are some standard bath items and their size in inches.


Bath Items (Sizes in Inches)

Bath Towels

36" X 70"


20" X 40"


22" X 44"

Small Bath Towels

24" X 50"


27" X 50"

Hand Towels

16" X 26"


16" X 30"


12" X 12"


13" X 13"

Bath Mat

18" X 24"


20" X 30"

 Table Clothes:

Table cloths come in a wide range of sizes. For an attractive presentation, the edges of a tablecloth should have a sufficiently bigger drop off at the end of the table. If different sizes of sheets are purchased, then the labor cost to sort them becomes very high.

The accurate selection of usually required sizes as per the sizes of the furniture makes purchasing, counting, storing, and maintaining inventories much easier. Sizes may be color-coded for easier sorting. Sheets are usually available with color-codes.


Napkins sizes in Inches


17" X 17"


22" X 22"

Table cloths

45" X 45"


54" X 54"


64" X 64"


54" X 110"


12" X 18"


14" X 20"



 Select the right Equipment:

Nowadays the “Wet Cleaning” process is used instead of traditional dry cleaning. The solvents used in dry cleaning are hazardous to human beings and hence it is replaced by wet cleaning.  

Washer Extractor, Tumble Dryer, Vacuum Finishing Table, Flat-work Ironer, Boilers, Compressors are the basic equipment required to run in-house laundry.

As per international standards, there are 4 kilograms of linen expected per room in a hotel.

If considered 100 percent occupancy in a 120 room hotel, then there will be 120 x 4 = 480-kilo grams of linen to be washed in a hotel laundry per day.

Additionally, there will be guest laundry to be washed on a regular basis. That would be approximately 2.5 kilograms per room for double occupancy.

If the laundry is expected to run for say 6 hours and the total load of say 480kgs + 250kgs = 730kgs load per day. Then 730kg/6hrs=120kgs Appx. per day linen to wash.

Here it is sufficient to have two washer extractors with a capacity of 50kgs each and a dryer of 50 kg capacity. It is recommended to have two washer extractors for emergency breakdown which may happen at any time of the process. One dryer is recommended because the cycle time of the dryer is 30 minutes only.

 What is necessary for OPL-(On-Premises) Laundry?

    1.   Equipment:

It is very simple and economical to operate the in-house hotel laundry. Washer Extractor, Tumble dryer, Ironing table with steam iron fitted to it, Flat-work ironer is the major equipment required in the laundry. Electric, gas, and steam-heated equipment are available as per the availability of the heating source at the site. On-premises laundry in the hotel is just an extension of the services provided in the hotel. Good quality washer-extractors save on the consumption of water, soap, and electricity. It is designed to adjust the water level as per the load fed inside the drum of the washer, giving good quality of the washed linens.

Tumble dryers are available in steam, gas, and electrical heated. Gas heated dryers are always economical compared to the other heating sources. Dryers are to be rated at a slightly larger capacity than washer-extractors to reduce wrinkles and fast drying.

For a hotel with more than 200 rooms, flat-work ironers are suggested, which reduces labor and gives more output than ironing linen on the ironing table. After ironing the linens are folded and stored in a stored room.

Generally, three sets of linens are advisable to be kept, one in use, the second set in the store, and the last set in the laundry.

Washer extractor and Tumble dryer are installed near the drainage line, to allow the used water to get drained easily. An ironing table and flat-work ironer are placed near the wall where there is easy access for exhaust ducts.

     2.   Laundry Space:

Hotel laundry is generally placed in the basement or ground floor, near the main power supply, easy connectivity to the boiler, access to exhaust duct, near drainage outlet and near water storage tanks.

An unproductive storeroom can be utilized as a linen storage room. Approximately 1200 sq. ft. is sufficient to accommodate Washer Extractors, Tumble dryers, Flat-work ironer, and Ironing table. Including space for linen sorting.

     3.  Labor:

Two trained laborers are sufficient to operate the laundry in a hotel, additional labors from another facility area can be used for sorting, folding, and stacking the linen. Equipment though easy to operate has to be maintained to give good performance over a longer period.

    4.   Utilities:

Electrical Supply, Steam generation unit - Boiler, Compressor - For continuous air pressure, Continuous gas supply for the boilers or dryers, Water storage tank. All these utilities as per the design should be in the vicinity of the laundry room.

Hope this has given you a fairly good idea to design a hotel laundry. Any queries related to the selection of the equipment and designing the layout of the same. Please comment on it in the comment box, I shall try to help it out at the earliest.


For a hotel with more than 100 rooms it is always better to have in-house laundry.