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Best Cooling Pillows That Actually Work In 2021

A Cooling Pillow is specifically designed with breathable components that can reduce sweating, overheating, and the general discomfort that comes from sleeping hot. Since warm temperatures can negatively affect sleep quality, a cooling pillow can also curb sleep interruptions and help you avoid daytime fatigue.


Best Cooling Pillows That Actually Work In 2021
Cooling Pillow

What is a cooling pillow?

Basically, a cooling pillow means a pillow with moisture-wicking fibers that slow down perspiration and promote a cool, moist environment. According to Diana M., an Amazon reviewer and longtime buyer, a traditional pillow just can't quite cut it in the heat. But a cooling pillow can help. "We ordered this on Amazon and it has proven to be very useful. I have it in our bedroom and have used it on me when I wake up from a deep sleep and need to cool down for an hour or two to get back to sleep," she writes. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that your pillow should be used as a cooling pillow, and not as a traditional pillow. If you are experiencing allergy symptoms, headaches, or other sleep disturbances, sleeping with a cooling pillow won't help your cause.


How do cooling pillows work?

The breathable properties of a cooling pillow come in the form of three elements: the pillowcase, the cover, and the base fabric. When cool air is blown through a metal coil on the pillow's case, it produces a cool breeze that helps keep the person using the pillow cool. The cover then catches the air that's being blown, causing the airflow to move through the cover and continue down to the base fabric. That layer then absorbs the heat, reducing body temperature. When sleeping in hot temperatures, many people consider sleeping in a heavy t-shirt or a layer of fleece or wool. The problem is, these materials can make your body heat even more unbearable.


How do I know if a pillow is designed to be cooling?

Many cooling pillows incorporate cooling fibers into their fabric, which release cool air as the pillow is manipulated. When you sleep, the body experiences a number of temperature-related shifts, which can throw off your body's internal temperature. By using a cooling pillow, you can offset some of these changes. Sleeping with a cooling pillow can also help you sleep more soundly, as the fibers will decrease airflow on your face, which might cause you to wake up. In addition, cooling pillows will give your head a more comfortable and restorative environment, which will improve the quality of your rest. Cooling pillow manufacturers have further claimed that cooling pillow use can help you sleep through the night faster. Which cooling pillow is right for me?


The best cooling pillows on the market

This is a pretty comprehensive list, right? Of course it was! The best cooling pillows are usually designed with features like heat-reducing vents and diffusers, dual-sided design, and non-skid grip to help keep your face in place. But they're also fairly affordable, so you don't have to break the bank to score a pillow that's sure to improve your comfort level and get better sleep. So, without further adieu, here are the best cooling pillows that actually work. 

1. Orthopedic Bed Pillows for Sleeping and Neck Pain relief suitable for back and stomach sleepers.

2. Pillow for sleeping Hotel bed pillows breathable down alternative.

The best cooling pillows that actually works

Pillows with built-in cooling, heating, and massage features fall into two categories: mattresses and cooling pillows. Although a lot of cooling pillows on the market boast these functions, a cooling pillow may also perform some of the functions that mattresses usually do. Some cooling pillows feature the ability to warm up to body temperature in just a few minutes, while others heat up to an ideal level in the briefest amount of time. Most cooling pillows on the market heat up when activated, while some take a while to warm up. For a full review of the best cooling pillows you can buy, check out my roundups of the best cooling pillows you can buy, the best cooling pillow — Amazon Basics Cooling Pillow, and the best cooling pillow for back sleepers.



We know that the first step to any routine change is to change your behavior. So what are you waiting for? Look for a cooling pillow with cooling and/or warming properties, try putting it on the pillow, and consider making the best of it for some added sleep comfort. 


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